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Intelligent POP Process

Intelligent POP Process

N. Henry & Son has an approach based on our multi-faceted expertise in retail POP design and production. The idea is to provide a pre-assembled signage solution to meet both the marketing needs for eye catching signage and the production requirements for physical durability and ease of installation.

The N. Henry & Son Intelligent POP process has 4 key steps:

  1. Total Service Team – We offer a Total Service Team to meet your marketing/branding and signage program objectives.
    The team will consist of specialized professionals in signage development, print production, and finishing techniques who know how to deliver the impact you need best tailored to your business.
  2. Conduct a Signage Program Analysis – We conduct a thorough signage program analysis that includes review of your marketing/branding and production objectives.
    We also look at the total picture and then recommend new ideas to help you achieve your specific goals; that may include the utilization of unique materials or custom ink and printing techniques.
  3. Develop a Print Production Strategy – Utilizing our 60+ years experience in signage production techniques, we take into account varying printing and production methods that will achieve the desired visual effect and meet your budget.
    We will also assess your production requirements and make recommendations on where you can simplify vendor management process to make the program easier for you to orchestrate.
  4. POP Action Plan – Once the print production strategy has been approved, we develop your specific action plan to meet your program objectives, budgets, and timelines.
    From there, our service team works to manage every step of the process to ensure that your high-impact printed POP is delivered on time and meets all of your expectations.